Výtvarné potreby. Inšpirácie.
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Výtvarné potreby. Inšpirácie.

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Welcome to Atelier Milles Flores

MILLES FLORES – the name of our atelier is of the Latin origin what means „thousands of flowers“ ... thousands of flowers invoking thousands of colours, thousands of contours and fragrances.

The colours, contours, fragrances in connection with the light and transparency of the glass create irresistible harmony, balance and unison. Even Old Romans had their MILES FIORES – a luxurious milefiores´ glass, made by special way that plays with thousands of kinds of colours creating a remarkable harmony.

Each color bears a special symbolism, expressing a feeling or a mental enthusiasm. The manufacturing in MILLES FLORES ATELIER strives for a symbolism of beauty and ease, and evokes pleasant feelings. It has an inner soul which can lighten, beautify and dulcify everyone’s life. Therefore even small hand-painted candlestick which was filled with artist’s emotions, memories, and experience can bring a pleasant feelings, peace and magical atmosphere.

The MILES FLORES ATELIER involves the manufacturing of artist’s, decorative and gift items, selling of these items and other hobby products, organizing of the courses and creative workshops.

ATELIER MILLES FLORES - Harmony of the colours, light, shapes and fragrances.


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