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General conditions

The MILLES FLORES atelier is aimed on the manufacturing and selling of the original decoration, accessories, and artistic objects. Except of the private art activity we manufacture also decorative objects based on the client’s demand. Art motives and the products are designed by us as well as we accept all requirements of our clients (e.g. the glass shape, the color, patterns,...). The products are hand-painted and each product is original. It is also possible to produce art decorated products in series. Our products are of high quality, précised, detailed considering also the choice of material and colours. The products are labeled with the name of our atelier. We pay extraordinary attention and time to each hand-painted product to reach a final effect of harmony of colours, light, shapes and fragrances.

The presentation of our products is available on our website’s photo gallery. The pricelist of the available offer can be sent on request. The prices differ according to the used material and to the difficulty of separate motives. On your individual demands we can provide closer information and make up the actual pricelist.


We accept orders. In case of ordering from the website the order should involve the type/name of the product, catalogue number, number of products, your individual requests and your contact details. In case of any special ordering we take into consideration the conditions of our clients.

The ordering form can be found at the top of our website or contact us via email. Delivering time is cca 7-14 days, depending on the amount of the ordering. The ordering will be realized after mutual agreement and sent on given address after invoice payment. In case of not providing the certain type of the product or material (e.g. type of the glass), you will be informed in advance. However, we can provide alternative type but will follow in technique, colour, and motive as agreed.

The products together with postage and packing costs will be sent by the services of the Slovak Post Office.

Other services:
- glass decoration on different occasions with the relief decorating writing
- sale of the fine-art equipment and hobby products
- courses and creative workshops organizing

Care of the products from MILLES FLORES Atelier:

The hand-painted glass is furnaced. It is possible to wash the products in cold and hot water; the colours are proof against the temperature up to 160˚C, as well as against the washing off, cleaners, or any solvents.

The hand-painted silk accessories are thermally fixed. It is possible to wash the products in the washing machine in lukewarm water by using very soft cleaners. Pre-wash and wring softly. Iron the silk when wet from the back side, do not sprinkle the water or steam when ironing. Use the 2nd degree of the iron suitable for cotton.

Decoration objects (boxes, flower-pots) have varnished surfaces. Use the dry or wet cloth to keep it clean.

The MILLES FLORES Atelier’s production has been spreading its quantity and our products are suitable for sale into the saleable galleries, into the shops with decorative sortiments, gift shops, souvenirs´ shops, the shops with house accessories. Our products are also suitable as company gifts as well as usable objects into the household. Our products can be the right present you were looking for.

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